Simplify Meeting Scheduling

Let others schedule the meetings

Don’t waste time scheduling meetings over email, phone, or SMS: Save time and let others pick a suitable time from your easy to use meeting scheduler that synchronizes with your calendar.

Create multiple meeting schedulers

Create meeting schedulers for different types of meetings such as teleconferences, online conferences, lunch meetings, workshops, business meetings, etc. Having a phone call? There is a page for that. Meeting at the customer’s office? Let them propose the address. Online meeting? Everyone can join easily the same session.

Integrate live communication tools

We have full support for teleconferencing, Skype calls, Lync calls, and Google Hangouts out of the box. You can even integrate your own such as Gotomeeting or Vidyo by providing a link.

Integrate with your calendar, choose availability and make public or private

Make schedulers private or part of your public Meet Me page. Integrate your calendar and choose which calendars to use to block out your availability. Different schedulers can show availability in different ways.

Share your Meet Me page

Generate and share your personal Meet Me URL with your colleagues and customers on your email tagline or social networks. Alternatively generate a “Schedule” button to be added on your website.