• Simplest Way
    to Schedule
    Finding a suitable time
    has never been this easy.

  • Get Business
    Meetings Done
    Email and calendar hassle is so yesterday.
    Meetin.gs is the smartest way to meet.

  • Scheduling
    Made Easy
    More meetings, more business.
    Add scheduling on your website.

  • Join Meetings
    On The Move
    Integrates teleconferencing, Skype,
    Hangouts and Lync.

Simplify meeting scheduling
  • Let others schedule meetings with you.
  • Integrate your calendar and fine-tune your availability.
  • Share your personal scheduling page on your email tagline or on a website.
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Access meetings
via mobile

  • Access all relevant meeting information on your mobile.
  • Respond to meeting requests while on the road.
  • Receive notifications of meeting updates.
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Integrate calendar
& contacts

  • Support for Google Apps: Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Google Drive.
  • Support for Office365 (coming soon!): Outlook.com, Live People, and Microsoft OneDrive.
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Live communication tools
  • Skype conference calls.
  • Microsoft Lync calls.
  • Google Hangouts.
  • Teleconferencing.
  • Use other online meeting tools with your own link.
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Keep meetings

  • Track and manage meetings on a timeline.
  • View tasks related to your meetings.
  • Preview and answer requests for a meeting.
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Get everyone on
the same page

  • Edit agenda and action points together.
  • Upload, view, and comment on meeting materials.
  • See who is coming and view their profiles.
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"Meetin.gs makes leading and coordinating meetings easy" – LifeHacker