Access Meetings While Mobile

The easiest way to access meetings on the move

Trying to find the right meeting-related email messages and attachments is always a pain if you are on the move: Access all your meeting-related data on the go and get notified of important action points regarding your previous and next meeting.

A single app to access all relevant meeting information

Remember how much fun it was to search for the meeting agenda or address with your mobile phone? No more jumping between calendar, email, contacts, and maps while navigating to that next meeting. Use a single app to quickly access all relevant meeting information.

Join teleconferences and online conferences easily

Calendar and email invitations often require you to write down the PIN code in order to access the meeting. This can be quite a hassle on the move. Tap a single button to join the meeting without remembering PIN codes or meeting addresses.

Mobile site or a native app

Access your meetings from a mobile browser for universal access or download one of the free native apps for speed and convenience.

Schedule meetings on the road

Make it easy to answer upcoming meeting requests and schedule new ones directly from your phone.