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The most productive 5 minutes between your meetings

It is time to say goodbye to email and calendar hassle: is the smartest way to meet. Get your meetings on the cloud and access them from any device. The service keeps everyone up-to-date and on the same page and sends beautiful meeting notifications and follow-ups. works pretty much for any meeting, online or face-to-face. makes running a week full of meetings simple, easy, and stress-free.


  • Organize face-to-face and online meetings.
  • Manage meetings, agenda, materials, and next action points without endless email loops.
  • Connect your mobile, calendar and address book. integrates with your calendar, address book, and existing meeting communication tools. combines efficient scheduling linked with online calendars and address books, a dedicated meeting space for material sharing and preparation, automated notifications with links to materials, and persistent storage for follow-up collaboration, available on the web, mobile and tablet devices.


  • Endless email loops to find a suitable time.
  • Waste time searching meeting materials and info on email, calendar etc.
  • Prepare and follow-up meetings manually.


  • Find a suitable time quickly and effortlessly.
  • All meeting information on a single centralized page.
  • Save time with automated meeting preparation and follow-up.