Synchronize Google Calendar With

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We decided to take the synchronization between Google calendar and to another level. Starting of today we bring your events as drafts from your Google Calendar to the new meeting timeline. These drafts are marked with a small Google-symbol and can be easily – with just one click – turned into real meeting pages. […]

New Features: Optimized For Mobile Devices

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We are excited to announce that is now optimized for your mobile devices. The mobile-friendly site is mainly designed to help the lives of those, who are constantly on the move, rushing from one meeting to another. We wanted our users to have a clear and easily approachable mobile experience. This is done by offering the […]

Does Your Work Happen at the Office?

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Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals and a specialist in collaboration and re-thinking work, suggests that our work does not happen at the office anymore. In his TEDx speech he claims that our workdays are reduced to working moments because of the constant interruptions and distractions we face at our offices on a daily basis. According […]

Are Meetings Really That Bad?

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At companies, that are thriving towards efficiency, meetings are usually the manifestation of evil. At least if you let them be. I came upon this realization (once again) in quite an eloquent way, while searching for some new blogs about meetings. This is how Google predicted my search keywords when typing “meetings are”. It seems […]

New Features: RSVP and Improved Meeting Creation

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The second round of summer features is here! This time we’ve rolled out an RSVP functionality and easier way to create new meetings. See Who Is Coming to Your Meeting – RSVP Ever been to a situation where you have invited all the relevant people to your meeting but have no idea who is actually […]

Summer of New Features

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As you might have noticed we’ve rolled out some new things recently. When sitting in a meeting room during the summer is unavoidable, we will do our best to make it more fun and rewarding. Agenda and Action Points Included In Emails We had a discussion about what is really valuable information before participating in […] Loves Startups

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At the end of April in The Next Web Conference, Amsterdam, we launched our new vision of for startups. Based on our surveys, startup executives and consultants are our most enthusiastic and active users. In the future we will focus on developing features and integrations that better support their day-to-day work. Are you a […] and Seats2meet Bring Physical and Digital Meetings Together

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Last year we started working together with dutch-based with the vision to combine physical and digital meeting spaces in order to create a completely new offering. Now this has become a reality and we are happy to announce that today we are launching a ground-breaking service that challenges both online and face-to-face meeting providers. From today […]

February Tips for Better Meetings

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In the turbulent times we live in, it is worth noting that management guru Peter Drucker once pointed out that great managers tend to have great meetings. In addition to our work in developing we have once again collected some interesting tips and tools for helping you to improve your meeting management skills. Enjoy! […]