Synchronize Google Calendar With

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We decided to take the synchronization between Google calendar and to another level. Starting of today we bring your events as drafts from your Google Calendar to the new meeting timeline. These drafts are marked with a small Google-symbol and can be easily – with just one click – turned into real meeting pages. […]

New Features: Optimized For Mobile Devices

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We are excited to announce that is now optimized for your mobile devices. The mobile-friendly site is mainly designed to help the lives of those, who are constantly on the move, rushing from one meeting to another. We wanted our users to have a clear and easily approachable mobile experience. This is done by offering the […]

Are Meetings Really That Bad?

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At companies, that are thriving towards efficiency, meetings are usually the manifestation of evil. At least if you let them be. I came upon this realization (once again) in quite an eloquent way, while searching for some new blogs about meetings. This is how Google predicted my search keywords when typing “meetings are”. It seems […]