5 Tips on How to Create an Amazing Meet Me Page

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Scheduling can be a time-consuming act – Especially when you end up in that email limbo of trying to fit calendars together in order to find a suitable time between two parties. If the meeting takes place online, setting up the technology can also be a hassle. Meet Me pages are one of our latest solutions to this issue.

We have created this article to give you some tips on setting up your own Meet Me page and what to do in order to save time and boost your online presence at the same time.

TIP # 1 Make your personal URL short and easy to remember

If you haven’t done it yet, start by claiming your Meet Me page. When you claim your page, you will be given a personal Meet Me address. Make it more memorable by customizing the address. Shorter URLs are clear and might be easier to remember. If it’s not taken, you might want to consider using your name to make the address logical and easy to remember for others.

TIP # 2 Synchronize your Meet Me page with your calendar

Save yourself the trouble of checking your availability and let Meetin.gs do the work for you. Link your Google account with Meetin.gs to block out the times when you are not available. Later on we are going to add calendar synchronization for other products such as Microsoft Outlook as well.


TIP # 3 Setup multiple schedulers for different kind of meetings

Add multiple schedulers on your Meet Me page* for different kind of meetings. Schedulers can be configured separately to behave differently depending on the type of the meeting. Some tips:

  • For phone calls, consider setting the time to 30 minutes with no transit time between meetings. You should be able to pick a call between meetings if needed.
  • For face-to-face meetings at the other party’s location, ask for them in the description to provide the exact address when they do the booking. Allow enough transit time to get there.
  • For online meetings such as Hangouts, schedule enough preparation time to deal with setting up the gear properly.
  • For coffee or lunch, pre-define your favourite location.
  • You can create private schedulers for special people or for special occassions, or if you do not want to be easily reachable through your public Meet Me page.

* Multiple Schedulers on your Meet Me page is a Meetin.gs PRO feature. Check out our pricing to upgrade.

TIP # 4 Forget the default one hour meeting

Don’t get stuck with the default meeting length: Not all meetings need to last for an hour. Set your meeting length to 45 minutes by default. If the meeting runs late, you still make it to the next meeting. A 1 hour meeting should be possible to complete in 45 minutes.

TIP # 5 Make your calendar easily accessible

There are various easy ways to share your Meet Me page:

  • Add “Schedule” button on your personal blog or website.
  • Setup the “Schedule” button for all your colleagues on your organization’s “People” or “Contact us” section. Much better than handing over your phone number or email address directly to potential spammers.
  • Provide the “Schedule” link on your social networking profile on LinkedIn.
  • Add your Meet Me page URL on your email tagline.
  • Use the buttons in your organization’s marketing communications, sales and customer service.
  • Turn your “Schedule” link into a QR-code image with this free tool and put it into your Powerpoint-presentation so that people can use their mobile phones to immediately schedule a meeting with you.

We wanted to make the scheduling buttons easily accessable. Therefore we created a handful of pre-generated buttons for you to choose from. Just go to the “Sharing” options on your Meet Me page configuration, select the button style and copy paste the HTML-based embed code straight to the source code of your website.

Bonus tip: Prepare for the meeting and make others do the same: Ask for a preliminary agenda from the person who wants to meet you in the description of the scheduler. When you approve the meeting you will have all the details available to finalize the agenda.

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