Introducing the Smartest Way to Schedule a Meeting: Meet Me Pages

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Ever felt tired of going through your calendar, while trying to find a suitable time for a meeting? Forget the trouble of sending emails back and forth and take the scheduling of meetings to a new level!

Meet Me – The new feature of provides your contacts a visually stunning first impression of you with all the necessary tools to schedule a meeting with you. Create your own Meet Me Page with just a few easy steps, connect your calendar, choose your visual look & feel and next time you receive an email from someone to request a time to meet, send them the address to your Meet Me Page.

Meet Me Page allows people to propose meetings with you, at the predefined time-slots and meeting spot of your own choosing. No more endless scheduling related email loops. Designate the times and dates you are able to meet, share your Meet me Page with your customers and stakeholders and let the scheduling magic take place.

For the best scheduling experience, connect your Google Calendar with This let’s us automatically block out the times already unavailable to you. You will also be able to decide on transit time between meetings to be taken into account.

Going Pro with offers you multiple Meet me Pages, that can be used for different kind of meetings. This gives you a personalized Meet Me Page for every need. Lunch dates, sales meetings, training sessions – you name it.

Use Case – Customer Relations:

Jonathan is an account manager at a medium sized company. He regularly meets customers to find out more about their needs. Based on the conversations he will offer the best solutions available. Jonathan finds it annoying and sometimes loses track on the emails to find a suitable time. Often the fastest way is simply to pick the phone and go through the calendar on phone.

With Meet Me, Jonathan can add a short web address to his email and a nice “Meet me” button to his company homepage. Now all his customers can quickly and easily pick the best time for the meeting. Some customers are more important than others. That’s why Jonathan has more than one Meet Me Page. One page is for all his customers that he loves to take out to a lunch at a local Italian restaurant. The other one is reserved for those few more important ones that appreciate good wine and long conversations in a relaxed atmosphere at one of the more exclusive restaurants.

Use Case – Training:


Carolyn is the head of the sales team at a company with a good share of the domestic market. The Company is specialized in a wide range of products of which some are provided by subcontractors.

It is everyones interest that the subcontractors are up-to-speed with the company’s offerings. Therefore Carolyn organizes every few weeks a Skype session to go through the latest changes in the product portfolio.

That is why Carolyn created a Meet Me Page for the training sessions and shared it with all the subcontractors. Now it’s up to them to book a time that is suitable for their team for a hands-on update on Skype. One of the best features is that after the training session, all the materials are available and easy to browse and view on the online meeting page. Those who were unable to attend can still access the content afterwards.

Use Case – Consultancy:


Stephen is an entrepreneur and an employer for a handful of people who work as consultants. He runs a relatively new consulting agency that has not yet established a large customer base. To get his sales up and running he has decided to focus on great content on his website and the ability for customers to book meetings to learn more.

To make the booking of these sessions easy he has setup a Meet Me Page for each consultant. Each one of them reflects their personality and area of expertise.

Meet Me buttons are available after each article for customers to book meetings. In addition to the website newsletters, mail signatures and even business cards are enhanced with these links. Soon the team has their calendars full of meetings with potential customers.

These are just some of the possible use cases. How would you use your own Meet Me Page?

Claim your own Meet Me Page now and start organizing meetings in a smarter way!

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