New Meeting Timeline Improves The Way You Manage Meetings

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Click to view larger screenshotManaging meetings – both upcoming and past ones – has never been this easy. We are proud to present the new meeting timeline.

What we have done is much more than just a basic facelift. To make better, we also implemented some pretty cool new features.

Changes and New Features

The whole approach of the viewing meetins has been changed to allow the user to browse meetings more efficiently than before. This means that today’s meetings – the ones that should be your top priority – are shown on the top of the list. This gives you a good overview of your day with just one glance.

Notifications of meetings, that require some kind of action, are posted right after today’s meetings on the timeline. These reminders include for example items concerning: Invitations, scheduling, selecting location, adding materials and agenda.

Added a totally new feature for Google calendar synchronization: All the meetings in your calendar are now shown in upcoming meetings as special draft meetings. With one click these imported draft meetings can be turned into meeting pages in Read more about the new feature: Added Value For Synchronizing Google Calendar With

All your upcoming and past meetings will be presented on their own seperate tabs. This makes finding meetings much easier than it was before.

Login now and try out the new features.

Please, let us know what you think. Give us some feedback about the new meeting timeline. Share your thoughts in the comments below or send us an email to

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