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Finding a meeting time that suits everyone can be a difficult yet an extremely important task. When the meeting time is decided together, you’ll most likely get the right people around the same table. This is exactly why now has a scheduling feature to help you – follow this handy guide and you won’t fail.

Step One: Create a Meeting

Begin by setting up a meeting as usual. If you don’t have a fixed date yet, choose the ‘suggest dates to participants’ -option instead of deciding the meeting time right away. You can suggest a maximum of 8 different times. The suggestions are emailed to the invitees immediately after you save the times and invite people to the meeting. If your schedule changes, you can always edit the time proposals later. Creating a meeting with no suggested times is possible as well – simply choose ‘set the time later’ and get back to business when your schedule gets clarified.

Step Two: Wait for the Answers

The invitees can mark their availability and see other participants’ answers on the meeting page. For those who don’t wish to use the web page, there is a chance to respond by email. This goes as simple as by replying with the word ‘SCHEDULE’ to the invitation email. then sends the scheduling options in separate emails that are to be replied to with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and the answers are updated on the meeting page.

When there is a need to know a bit more about other participants’ schedules, Shared notes of the meeting page is a handful tool. The notes section can be used to communicate about detailed schedules and to find a suitable date.

Step Three: Determine the Date

When all the participants have contributed, it’s up to you to choose the right date. sums up the answers and makes it easy to pick the most popular option. So, just set the date – and have your meeting. The other participants will be notified of the set date including a proper ICS calendar invitation.

The best way to find out how scheduling with works is try it in practice! We would truly appreciate your feedback, so don’t hesitate to visit our support forum:

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