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Welcome to Better Meetin.gs blog!

We will use this space to keep you updated on the problems of unproductive and unnecessary meetings today and what to do about it. We firmly believe that digital technologies can help us focus on things that matter and make the most out of bringing people together. We also believe that every meeting should have a digital footprint as well as be available to people who cannot make it. We also think that people should be able to use what ever tools they like and not be tied to additional passwords or cumbersome user interfaces.

Various research suggests that people find meetings to be unproductive, because:

  • Agenda is poorly defined.
  • People are late.
  • It’s hard to find a suitable time for everyone.
  • Meetings are spent on updating latest events and not on decision making.
  • Meeting notes and material are poorly shared.
  • No clear next action.

We believe there is a lot of untapped potential to improve all of this – using your existing tools in the process.

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