Synchronize Google Calendar With

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We decided to take the synchronization between Google calendar and to another level. Starting of today we bring your events as drafts from your Google Calendar to the new meeting timeline. These drafts are marked with a small Google-symbol and can be easily – with just one click – turned into real meeting pages. […]

Tutorial: How to use with email

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Did you know that you can use entirely via email? From the very beginning we have concentrated on integrating as frictionlessly as possible with email. The browser interface is optional to use and that is why using makes sense even with those who usually reject invitations to new services. This blog post […]

New Feature: Meeting Analytics

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Attending meetings might be an everyday routine for many of us, but the big picture is often hard to see. How many meetings have you actually? Is your time used efficiently? Do you collaborate with people you meet? These are the questions we built the meeting analytics feature on. The analytics gives you an X-ray […]

Schedule Your Meetings Easily with

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Finding a meeting time that suits everyone can be a difficult yet an extremely important task. When the meeting time is decided together, you’ll most likely get the right people around the same table. This is exactly why now has a scheduling feature to help you – follow this handy guide and you won’t […]