Summer of New Features

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As you might have noticed we’ve rolled out some new things recently. When sitting in a meeting room during the summer is unavoidable, we will do our best to make it more fun and rewarding.

Agenda and Action Points Included In Emails

We had a discussion about what is really valuable information before participating in a meeting. And what came up? The agenda. From now on the agenda will be included in the email invitations participants receive. Take a moment before you invite people to think through and write down the actual purpose of your meeting.

After the meeting we will email the participants your action points along with the summary email. We believe this will help everyone to stay focused and catch up with what was decided in the meeting.

Add to MS Outlook and Google Calendar

In the invitation email we have added a link to add the meeting to your Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. The links are also available on the meeting page by hovering over the calendar icon next to the meeting title.

Getting Out of Unwanted Meetings

According to our customer feedback, sometimes people are invited to meetings they don’t want to participate in. That is why we made it possible to remove yourself from a meeting. Just open the meeting page of an unwanted meeting, click your profile icon on the participant list in the top left corner and choose ‘leave this meeting’. Voíla – you are out!

Future Developments

We have continued developing the emails we send out as well,  towards more informative and value adding direction. One of our future developments is to start sending update emails in intervals: one summarized email update every morning. We believe less is more when it comes to email.

And what’s more, the next big thing we are focusing during the summer on is mobile app. The whole team is excited to get their hands on it!

If you have any feedback, suggestions for future development, please share your thoughts below or head to our support forum.

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