Tutorial: How to use Meetin.gs with email

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Did you know that you can use Meetin.gs entirely via email? From the very beginning we have concentrated on integrating Meetin.gs as frictionlessly as possible with email. The browser interface is optional to use and that is why using Meetin.gs makes sense even with those who usually reject invitations to new services.

This blog post serves as your guide for using Meetin.gs via email.

Sign up for Meetin.gs
Send an email to “signup@meetin.gs” and follow the instructions to create your account.

Create a meeting
Send an email to “create@meetin.gs” with the meeting title in the subject, agenda in the text body and materials as attachments.

Set up a meeting from your calendar
When creating a calendar event, invite “setup@meetin.gs”. A meeting based on your event will be created on Meetin.gs. You can also forward any calendar .ics files you receive from people to Meetin.gs. All the participants will receive a link to access the meeting room.

Invite people to a meeting
Reply to an email you receive from a meeting. Type “INVITE” and the email addresses of the people you want to invite, separated with comma. The participants will receive a link to access the meeting room.

Reply to scheduling options
Reply with the word “SCHEDULE” when you receive an invitation to take part in scheduling. Answer “YES” or “NO” to the time suggestions you receive by email.

Add material and comments
Email your notes and documents to the meeting’s unique address (e.g. xyz123@mtn.gs). The attachment you send will appear as a material and the message you write in the message body of the same email will appear as a comment for that material. A message without attachments will appear as a new chat message.

Request for more information
Reply with the word “INFO” to an email you receive from a meeting. You will receive full meeting details and instructions for using Meetin.gs via email.

Request to join a meeting
Send an email with the subject “JOIN” to meeting’s unique address. You will be added as a participant after the meeting admin has approved your request. If you know the code for joining, write “JOIN xxxx”(xxxx being the code) in the subject line and you will be added right away.

Are there other features you would like to be able to use via email? All suggestions and feedback are welcomed on our support forum: http://getsatisfaction.com/meetings

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