Update: Meetin.gs, Simplified (Really)

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We have now been in public beta for a while and received more feedback from our users than ever before. Our team is working hard to develop the service according to your feedback – thank you for your activity! We do hear you: recent improvements have been made to improve the user experience to a wholly new level.

Less Buttons – More Functions

We have simplified your meeting view in order to improve usability. “Less is more” is the driving force behind our latest design decisions.

There is now only one form item to fill: the meeting title. That’s all we need to get started:

We also made hours and minutes much faster to choose through drop-downs:

The dates are now universally shown in a format that should be easy to understand by people in the U.S. and Europe alike. Time zone can also be chosen in a snap by just typing your city:

The new dropdown menu with search function helps you to find the meetings you are looking for:

Meetin.gs Pro users can now decide on behalf of their participants when email notifications will be sent out.

There are also some usability fixes to our support for Skype conferencing during meetings.

To-The-Point Email Communication

Our time is limited, so we opted to cut to the beef immediately in our email communications:

We use spacing, short sentences and links are clearly visible. Unlike many competitors who clutter their emails with visual fireworks, our emails are fast and easy to read.

Meetin.gs Mobile

Meetin.gs landing page is now optimized for smart phones. Creating a meeting from your phone is super simple.

With the latest update on iOS5, we can now support rich-text editing on an iPad and iPhone! Notes and agenda can be edited in a breeze.

We keep working on making Meetin.gs fully compatible with your mobile devices – stay tuned for new updates.

What would you like to see next? Feel free to share your suggestions on our support forum: http://getsatisfaction.com/meetings

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