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Attending meetings might be an everyday routine for many of us, but the big picture is often hard to see. How many meetings have you actually? Is your time used efficiently? Do you collaborate with people you meet?

These are the questions we built the meeting analytics feature on. The analytics gives you an X-ray to your meetings, helping you to evaluate the quantity and quality of the ones you attend as a dynamic infographic.

Track: Volume & Interaction

From the volume section you’ll see how many meetings you have attended, how many people you have met and how much content has been shared.

It depends on your goals, what is good progress: a sales person might aim to have more customer meetings, whereas a government person might feel pointless sitting through one meeting after one another and want to cut them down to get something done.

Seeing how many of you meetings are held online allows you to consider whether it would be a good idea to have more meetings on the web in the future. Some meetings are simply more effective when held online. Less travel, more results – especially with people you already know.

And while collaboration is essential for good meetings, tracking the activity regarding material sharing and conversation gives an overview of the actual interaction. After all, if nothing gets shared, then what was the point of the meeting? Good preparation is golden.

Track: Time

Tracking time spent on meetings might provide surprising results. Meetings can be an endless time sink. Even half of a month can be easily spent on meetings. Add the time it takes to travel, exchange materials through email and find a suitable time and you will realize that you are taking time out of something more productive.

Target to reduce the length of a meeting from 1 hour to 45 minutes can make wonders to your cumulative productivity. By becoming more aware of your time, you will get better results by being more systematic and result-oriented.

Future Developments: Costs & Carbon Footprint

At the moment we are researching a way to calculate the cost and carbon footprint of your meetings in the best possible way. These metrics will help you to turn intangible details into tangible results. Every hour counts, so does every mile.

Take a look at our infographic on how people waste time on meetings:

Do you have any suggestions of how we could improve meeting analytics? Please, share them with us on our support forum:

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